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The Law of Attraction: Crystals and Manifestation

Like attracts like. This is what the Law of Attraction teaches. Whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for bringing positive and negative influences into our lives. This philosophy is based on the belief that our thoughts are in themselves a form of energy and that positive energy can attract success in all areas of life – including health, finances, and relationships. Basically, what you create in your life traces back to what you think about.

How do you use your thoughts to get what you want?

Manifestation. How does it work? Your thoughts have an energetic frequency that beckons other sources with the same frequency. When you focus on a thought, you send magnetic energy out into the universe that attracts that same energy back. Like a magnet – you pull the things you think about toward you. And this works for both positive and negative thoughts.

Crystals. You can use crystals for manifestation. Crystals are a great way to amplify the power of manifestation. Crystals have potent energies that can be used to influence the energy around us and within us. These powerful vibrations in crystals can help you get into alignment with your desires. To manifest your desires with crystals, you can either use the energy of the crystals to help you create what you want or program the crystals with your desired outcome.

Be intentional. Set your intentions first and be clear about them before you manifest. You can write down your intentions and read them out loud. Focus on your intention and treat it as though it has already happened.

If you want to know more about manifestation and how to use crystals, you can get in touch with us at Foxy Blue’s Secret Garden! We would be more than happy to answer all your questions and offer you crystals that align with your intentions.

Attract what you want. Go on, disturb the universe.

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Unknown member
Jun 11, 2022

Hi, we met recently at the fair in Hasbrouck Heights. We did a short reading for me and I bought two crystals a purple and a clear - please tell me their meaning again and how to cleanse them. I’m ready to use them to manifest all of the things I desire. Thank you

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