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This amazing and clean gel is a natural product without leaving hair flaky or with a white cast.  This gel has minimum ingredients added.  An easy and fast working gel without damaging your hair.


***Please note, if you have dry or brittle hair this gel is light and doesn't include oils, or conditioners.  This is a gentle  light gel.  Read all the ingredients carefully to make sure that this will match your hair's needs.  Be sure to moisturize your hair prior to styling, however adding too many oils to your hair may affect the effects of this product.  This gel contains light natural aloe, and provitamin B5 as a moisturizer.***


Leaves your hair with a soft, gentle hold without any sticky residue.  Natural ingredients like Aloe and Provitamin B5 nourish,  heal, and promote hair growth during the styling process.  Provides a soft healthy hold.  This could easily be your new favorite gel. 

*Product Features:


Formulated to offer a smooth texture and casual hold that is never crunchy
Includes Provitamin B5 for a conditioning boost
Contains Organic Aloe
Unisex and great for natural hair




Organic Aloe
Provitamin B5
Witch Hazel
Vegetable Glycerin

Denatured Alcoho

All Gel Broke Loose - Hair Gel

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