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A beautiful facial toner that calms and soothes skin of all types.  A refreshing scent of rose helps to relax and relieve stress.  Contains Aloe which helps maintain a pH balance in your skin.  Refreshing and suitable for use on sensitive skin.  Helpful in removing residue or makeup leaving the skin feeling cleansed. 


Helps with itchy skin, rashes, sunburn and other skin irritations.  Use as a skin refresher or makeup refresher.  Alluring natural rose scent is reminiscent of flowers blossoming from the rain.  This amazing natural blue color was created from a superfood extract to help aid in rejuvenating skin and cell regeneration. 


*Product Features:


Highlights beautiful and hydrating Rose Water in a moisturizing base

Includes Organic Aloe for a soothing boost while balancing pH

Helps to remove residue left behind after cleansing

Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

Alluring and delightful natural rose scent

Inviting natural blue color

4 oz. of product


*Amazing Ingredients:


Rose Water

Organic Aloe

Vegetable Glycerin

Food Extract

Blue Rose - Rosewater Facial Toner 4 Oz.

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