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Raise a toast with a cup of your favorite Latte!  Fall is here (no matter the month).  Fall is our favorite season!  The beautiful colors, warm tones, inviting scents, a full experiences for all your senses. Introducing our irresistibly intriguing autumnal candle, "Fall In Love"!  


 A theme of our shop is 'Fall in love with yourself'.  Well you can encompass the entire essence of the Fall season in a jar.  This delightful creation is scented with a mouthwatering aroma of baked apple pie, pumpkin spiced pie, cinnamon, and vanilla.  Smells too good to not be edible.  On a base  of coconut apricot wax. Get ready to embrace the season and unleash your love for all things fall!


Light up this candle and let the comforting scent of Fall engulf your sacred space, bringing forth cozy memories of apple picking and warm apple pies and a sprinkle of a hint that the holidays are near.


Declare your love for Fall, as we love it and grab a cozy blanket or throw and a fall dessert and a spice latte and enjoy those tender moments of peace and harmony.  Rejoice, autumn is here!


Baked Apple Scented /Pumpkin Spices/Fall Spices

Size: 9oz Glass jar with lid

Wax: Coconut apricot wax blend

Hand Poured

80+ Hour Burn Time

Size: 9 oz. 3 1/2" H x 2 3/4" W  Glass jar with lid makes total weight 14 oz.

Fall In Love Candle, Vegan Fall Scented, Pumpkin Spices Fall Candle 9 oz.

Excluding Sales Tax
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