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A gentle and revitalizing oil that can be used over the entire body.  Can be used on cuticles, hair,  face,  feet, and other areas of the body.  Unscented and gentle enough to use on babies' scalps and body.  A great combination of essential oils, antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamin E.  Matches skin's natural oils while hydrating and rejuvenating to soften and smooth all types of skin.


Pamper your hair with this amazing hair oil.  Amazing as part of a hair growth regimen.  A light and powerful blend of essential oil hair superstars feel moisturizing and nourishing while calming and rejuvenating your scalp and skin.  Packed with premium Essential Oils to deliver antioxidants while hydrating all over.  


Make this a part of your hair growth routine.  Wash your hair and massage your scalp.  You can try our Tea Tree Shampoo, or our Aloe Shea shampoo that pairs well with this oil.  Then massage this oil onto your scalp and a small amount on your hair and ends while your hair is wet, or dry and style as desired.  Add a nourishing leave in conditioner such as our D'entanglemnent or our Rico-Shea shea butter to create Twist out or Wash and Gos, Braids, or other styles if your hair is in need of moisture.


This oil can be used to moisturize your face as a night time and day time routine.  It is great in removing your make up with a gentle moist face wipe towel.


This fantastic oil can also be used as hot oil treatment, you can warm up the oil by running warm hot or water on the bottle.  Test on your skin to make sure the oil is not too hot and apply to your hair while it's wet after shampooing, or even on dry hair before shampooing.  Rinse the oil out and proceed with conditioning your hair if you just shampooed it, or you can proceed to shampoo and condition your hair if you chose to apply the oil on dry hair.  You will notice an immediate difference in the health of your hair.


Effective on children as well and gentle enough for babies.


This outstanding oil can be applied all over your body as well, and will leave your hair, face, or body hydrated and nourished.


*Product Features:
Hydrate and rejuvenate skin with fatty acids
Match skin's natural oils with moisturizing Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
Soothe sensitive skin with Calendula Extract and Organic Olive Fruit Oil
A versatile oil that can double as a facial serum, body oil, cuticle conditioner, and hair-smoothing oil
Unscented and sensitive enough for babies' scalps


*Amazing Ingredients:

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
Carrot Seed Oil
Poppy Seed Oil
Organic Sesame Seed Oil
Vitamin E

Oil Over Your Body- Hair Growth & Body Oil

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