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Indulge in this historically luxurious bath soak that was said to be used by the Queen of Egypt herself, Cleopatra.  This lavish bath soak is extremely nourishing, hydrating, and healing.  


Hand crafted with:


A natural moisturizer that aids irritated or dry skin


Moisturizes the skin deeply
Cleans Pores
Gentle Exfoliator
Lightens Scars
Useful in Sunburn
Fights Acne & Pimples.
Has anti-aging properties
Adds a natural glow to your skin


Deeply cleanses the skin
Rids the skin of dirt, and can also be used as a spiritual bath to wash away negativity
Helps with dry skin symptoms
Helps provide relaxation


Reduces Inflammation of skin
Helps muscle aches and pains
Relieves Stress


This bath soak is also packed with lavender oil, rose oil, sweet orange oils for an additional relaxing and uplifting experience.  
It is also infused with dried roses and an array of dried organic flowers.


Feel like a Queen or King after a hard day, a hard day of work, or just to cleanse and unwind.  This may be used with Rose quartz and other crystals for manifesting while you bathe.  


Ingredients:   Coconut Milk, Dry Honey,  Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Lavender Buds, Organic Roses and Flowers, and Natural Essential Oils 


Wooden spoon with a drilled hole for safe keeping included.

Product Weight  12-14 ounces - 12 oz Bottle


Always consult a Doctor before using this or any products on your skin.  Do not use if you have severe skin inflammation, Skin infections, Open wounds, Burns, or Other Skin Conditions.

Cleopatra's Milk And Honey Luxury Bath Soak With Organic Flowers 12 oz.

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