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A beautiful quartz bracelet with the clearness of Fire and Ice. A great look for everyone.

******FIRE AND ICE******
This stunning and intriguing crystal gets it's name from the way it's created.  It is created by heat and then rapidly cooled.  Fire and Ice Quartz (Rainbow Quartz) has the contrasting energies of Fire and Water, of light and dark.


This is a very high vibration Quartz that helps to balance and align All Chakras!  It heals past lives, assists manifesting and helps with new beginnings.  Serves as a beautiful home decor and powerful healer.  


This very rare crystal can be programmed to manifest what you would like to manifest.  It also provides powerful connection from the physical body to the spiritual realm and the earth, opening a pathway of higher understanding and an ability to remember one’s soul purpose. 


This is a stone of purification that allows the aura to maintain a vibration high enough that negative or unwanted energies slough off. 


Fire & Ice is a stone of new beginnings and profound growth, cutting through the old to reveal the soul's purpose and showing how we create our own reality.


Chakras: All Chakras

*All energies are cleared with Sage and Palo Santo before shipping it to you with love.

Fire And Ice Quartz 8mm 7.5 Inch Crystal Healing Bracelet

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