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Our customers have loved this sweet and warm tones fragrance.  We brought back the freedom of free love, the bold style and sexiness of the 70s with this aphrodisiac fragrance.  Your senses get elevated with the sweetness and romance of amber, and the alluring oud paired with the background cedar notes.  Not overbearing, but you will entice someone to ask 'what are you wearing?' 


This oil has no alcohol and little goes a long way.  Stand out with this unique soft, sexy scent, and leave a lasting impression.  Hope you love it as much as we do!  


Comes in a 10ml glass bottle.


Ingredients:  Amber, Imported Out, Cedarwood, Organic Vanilla, Organic Sweet Almond Oil and other Natural Fragrances


Golden Lady Intriguing 70s Inspired Fragrance Oil 10ml Glass Bottle

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